General Information

Full Legal Name:
The Cove at Bayport Colony Special Dependent Tax District

Public Purpose:
Continued development, administration, and maintenance of properties for the unincorporated area known as the Cove at Bayport Colony Subdivision, as set for according to the public records of Hillsborough County; Providing for the administration of the affairs of said District by a Board of seven Trustees; Defining the powers and duties of the Board; Providing for the qualifications of electors in the District and the manner of conducting the first election of the Board of Trustees and for the annual election of Trustees thereafter; Providing for removal of Trustees and appointment to fill vacancies; Providing for the assessment and collection of a Special District tax; Providing for the deposit and disbursement of funds of the District; Establishing a fiscal year and providing for publication of annual financial statements; Relieving individual Trustees from personal liability for obligations of the District; Providing a procedure for the abolition of the District; Defining terms; Providing a Public Hearing; Providing for severability; Providing an effective Date.

Boundaries/Service Area:
Boundaries Area

Services Provided:
Wall Maintenance, Lawn Maintenance, Tree Maintenance, Sign and Light Maintenance, Capital Improvement of the Public Common areas.

Full Text of the Charter/Creation Document:
Charter Creation Document

Statute under which the special district operates:
Florida Statute 125.66, County Ordinance 88-45

Date Established:
January 6, 1989

Establishing Entity:
The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners

Defined Benefit Retirement System:


Contact Information

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 261646, Tampa, FL 33685-1646

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Registered Agent:
Michael Brazas, 6516 Ranger Dr, Tampa, FL 33615

Board Members:
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